Seattle Search Engine Optimization Bonsai Media Group

Seattle Search Engine Optimization Bonsai Media Group

Who is Bonsai Media Group?

Bonsai Media Group is a clan of designers, developers, and marketers based in Seattle, WA.

From start to finish, we handle every aspect of cultivating a profitable online presence for our clients. Everything from designing and developing an eye-catching, results-driven website, to implementing precise and effective marketing strategies for SEO, Online Advertising, Content Creation & Promotion, E-commerce and beyond.

Our Story

Established in 2009, Bonsai Media Group was co-founded by Jason LaBaw and Elliott Omlin to address the problem they perceived within the world of business to business online marketing. As they see it, too many companies waste time and money by relying on multiple, disjointed teams. With this approach, you run the risk of miscommunication, redundancy, and ultimately, a lackluster presence online.

That’s why, at Bonsai, we do it all, in one Dojo. Don’t worry about integrating all the separate pieces of your online presence. We do all the heavy lifting to provide you with online marketing strategies that seamlessly integrate with your existing platforms. Or, if you’re new to the online world, we can start from the ground up and provide you the fundamental tools you need to grow your business online.

No matter what level of service you’re interested in, at Bonsai we implement strategies that:

  • Drive Results

  • Speak to your Target Market

  • Allow your customers to interact with you with ease

  • Set you apart

Making SEO Work for You

SEO may seem like the latest advent in digital advertising, but the strategy behind it is just old-fashioned marketing – know your customers well and think like they do.

What do you use to find a product or service?

Before the Internet, if you needed a plumber, you asked neighbors or contractors for a referral, or you looked in the Yellow Pages. Now, you go online to use search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing!), social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), consumer forums (Citysearch, Yelp, Angie’s List) or you look at a digital map (Google Maps, Mapquest) to see the businesses that are closest to you. If you find a business via one of these methods, it’s likely they’ve leveraged SEO to ensure that you’d find them.

Do you have a local business?

Local rankings are highly dependant on local citations. Essentially the more places that Google looks and see your business listed (name,  address and phone number) accurately the more confident Google is in ranking your business above your competitors.

Bonsai can help you get the most out of SEO! Here’s how:

1. Bonsai will develop a keywords analysis for you, so you can see what terms people are searching for and where you (and your competitors) rank when those words are typed into a search engine.

2. Next, we develop a strategy to secure a top ranking for you on those terms. We do this by clearly explaining who you are and what you do on your own website, and on as many other websites and platforms as possible. We also do a lot of technical stuff behind the scenes to improve your performance within the search engine algorithms.

Bottom line:

the more people who connect with you by using your keywords, the more the search engines can trust you when reffering others who search for those words.

Seattle Pay Per Click Services

Help Your Customers Find You – FAST

Now that you’ve designed, built and optimized your brand new website, it needs to be seen!  Your site must be marketed with Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising.

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) drives customers to your site at the moment they are searching for your services.
  • With PPC Advertising on Google, Yahoo and Bing! you can reach businesses and consumers who are already looking for your services.
  • Bonsai’s trained and certified PPC Experts will help you reach more visitors for less money.
  • Drive qualified leads today!
  • Get in front of prospects looking for your services/products
  • Beat your competition to the punch
  • Increase your sales
  • Grow your business
  • Pay less per click
  • Rank higher on search engines
  • Be found

How It Works

PPC Advertising is no longer an Auction Based Bidding System (meaning if I bid more than you, then I rank higher than you).

  • Google now considers your Quality Score.
  • So your Rank looks something like this: Rank = Bid x Quality Score.
  • When we increase your Quality Score, we’ll increase your rank without increasing your Bid.
  • Your Quality Score is dependant on how you set up your campaigns, the ads you write and the landing pages you send them to.
  • By increasing your Quality Score and managing your PPC spend, we can reduce the spend by 50% and increase the number of visitors by 100%!

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